Guys, in pfSense v2.0.1, in OpenVPN: Server there's a setting called Server Mode. Basically there are two main options, "peer to peer" and "remote access", each has various encryption options.

What is P2P? – CyberGhost VPN Peer to Peer (P2P) refers to a self organized network, in which each connected computer has equal rights and functions at the same time as a server and a client. One thing that can be accomplished by such a network is file-sharing (another one is for example VoIP like Skype), where each downloader automatically turns into an uploader for other VPN Client: Reason 412 - The remote peer is no longer The error, "Secure VPN connection terminated locally by the Client. Reason 412. The remote peer is no longer responding". Means that the software VPN Client detected that the VPN server is not responding anymore and deleted the connection. Now, this is caused by several different issues, for example:

PeerVPN - the open source peer-to-peer VPN

What is P2P? - How Does it Work? - BittorrentVPN The Basics of Peer-to-Peer. Many people are surprised to hear that the Internet was actually founded on P2P. A man named Timothy Berners-Lee was one of the founding fathers of the world wide web, and his vision for the Internet was essentially a largescale Peer-to-Peer …

VPN Peer treats the Security Gateway 80's certificate as User Certificate, which ends with failure since Security Gateway 80 is not a user. As a result, the VPN Peer drops the connection in IKE Main Mode packet 5 for "no proposal chosen". Solution: This problem was fixed. The fix is included in: Check Point R77

Jul 11, 2018 OpenVPN: Create a peer to peer Network between two Clients