[email protected] ~] # crontab audain.cron. First of all this is the options list: -l : Displays the list of saved taskstyle=”padding-left: 30px;”>-r : Deletes saved tasks-u : Saves a schedule to a given user’s (when this one is not the current user); Cron Task. The task job file definition can have any name, and you need to remember that each time you called the crontab , all your

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Schedule a Cron Job to Execute Twice on Every Saturday and Monday. Sysadmins often want to run specific commands more than one time in every week. The below crontab entry will make cron run a job twice on every Saturday and Monday. 0 8,20 * * 6,1 /scripts/script.sh. Cron will now run the script.sh at both 8 am and 8 pm on every Saturday and Monday.

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Before installing cron on an Ubuntu machine, update the computer’s local package index: sudo apt upgrade sudo apt update sudo apt install cron. Now execute the following line of command to make sure cron set to run in the background: sudo systemctl enable cron. Using Cron. Cron jobs are recorded and managed in a special file known as a crontab. Quick Answer: How To Create A Cron Job In Linux? - OS Today