How To Manage Access Restrictions & Website Blocking in DD-WRT

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3 Clever Ways To Control Your Kid’s Internet Usage | Man With your DD-WRT router, you now have the ability to do all four types of parental controls discussed earlier: lockdown devices. Within the Admin page, you can set timeframes to allow or disable Internet access for every device in your home network. Within the Access Restrictions tab, you want to choose the "Deny" button, rather than "Filter." HTTPS not working on public sites like Reddit, Facebook HTTPS not working on public sites like Reddit, Facebook, etc. I get this on all HTTPS pages but am unable to actually access the site. Im using the NETGEAR Nighthawk X4S R7800 with the latest version of DD-WRT firmware. Any ideas what setting would allow me to browse HTTPS site URLS. Thank you! 4 … {1} Active Tickets – DD-WRT DD-WRT port forwarding on TP-link 1043 v2: new Jul 12, 2018 #6361: Asus RT-AC3200 displaying as a TP-Link Archer C3150 in the about page r36247: new Jul 12, 2018 #6363: Buffalo WZR-1750DHP Wifi radio stays on: new Jul 12, 2018 #6364: 5GHz not transmitting since r36154: new