Ubuntu Kernel Version Ubuntu Kernel Tag Mainline Kernel Version; 4.4.0-1002.2: Ubuntu-aws-4.4.0-1002.2: 4.4.90; 4.4.0-1003.3: Ubuntu-aws-4.4.0-1003.3: 4.4.95

embedded - Linux kernel booting stops at Uncompressing [Old SH4] boot loader: redboot v2.0 kernel version: 2.4 [New SH4] boot loader: u-boot . Stack Overflow. Products Customers; Use cases; Stack Overflow Public questions and answers; Teams Private questions and answers for your team; Kernel 2.4.17 Out - Slashdot This may be the first 2.4 kernel I compile for my system (I'm not saying I'm still stuck in 2.2, just that I've kept the default 2.4 kernels from my Mandrake and SuSE installs). I also see a couple ext3 fixes, which means I'm pretty comfortable having this replace the patched-to-use-ext3 2.4.10 kernel … Linux Kernel 2.4 Or 2.6 In Embedded System? - Slashdot 2.4 is horrible to work with. It's missing so many features you expect from a POSIXy system that you constantly have to find work-arounds. Having a 2.4 kernel on the cluster during my PhD was enormous pain - I'd write code on FreeBSD, copy it to the cluster, and find half the features were missing.

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Thanks God, since Marcelo Tossati took over the kernel maintaince of 2.4.x, we don’t have a new kernel each week (the BSD people used to make fun of the linux kernel releases: “kernel of the week” Since Marcelo took over, there is a real release cycle, it takes months to release a new kernel, and they get under proper testing and RCs. Linux-Kernel Archive: kernel -2.4.18

Now, there has been a change in module-init-tools between 2.4 and 2.6, the "routing" can be done with links in /etc/alternatives (depending upon which kernel, proper module loading/module config files are chosen). You will want the kernel source and at least configure it, to be able to work with things like nvidia drivers, vmware and many more.

Kernel Update Fix Camera (ks01lte) Update DarkLord 3.2 Using AROMA installer 20160428 Fix Multitasking Bar 20160502-Galaxy S4 LTE-A Change Kernel (DarkLord Kernel Marshmallow) Fix Showing SD Card (Enable MTP) Fix Haptic Fix InCal-Galaxy S4 Active Fix Speaker Phone (jactivelteskt) 20160508-Galaxy S4 LTE-A / Active Change Kernel (Return gugu0das Module: Kernel (Ruby 2.4.2) The Kernel module is included by class Object, so its methods are available in every Ruby object.. The Kernel instance methods are documented in class Object while the module methods are documented here. These methods are called without a receiver and thus can … Linux Kernel 2.4.20 Released - Slashdot Having read both the changelog and searched the kernel archives it's interesting to note that way back in 2.4.20-pre3 the Athlon MP/XP prefetch bug work around was pulled out of the kernel. Subsiquently, Alan Cox in the kernel mailing list archives responds to someone asking about this and says that he thinks some of the VM changes have fixed