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Nov 13, 2013 cloud computing - Is Firefox Password Manager less secure Firefox Password Manager (local storage) with Master Password (local encryption/security) and Firefox Sync (remote storage, encryption/security and device synchronization) (not comparing LastPass to unsynced Firefox without Master Password). I assume the threat model is something like daily browser use, including entering passwords for online 1Password X – Password Manager - Firefox

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KeePass, KeePassXC, and Bitwarden are probably your best bets out of the 29 options considered. "Anyone can verify the code since the software is open source" is the primary reason people pick KeePass over the competition. This page is powered by a knowledgeable community that helps you make an informed decision.

Aug 04, 2009

Firefox Decrypt is a tool to extract passwords from Firefox Decrypt is a tool to extract passwords from profiles of Mozilla (Fire/Water)fox™, Thunderbird®, SeaMonkey® and some derivates. It can be used to recover passwords from a profile protected by a Master Password as long as the latter is known. Firefox Password Manager review | Is this browser addon Firefox Built-in Password Manager is a browser-based application that provides users with the ability to store and encrypt their passwords. While Firefox’s password manager is a great tool for those who demand simplicity, it is also rather bare compared to programs like KeePass - which offer a large variety of features and security. How to View Saved Passwords in Firefox - Live2Tech